This natural building 3-hour intro series will take place on a peaceful wooded acre outside of Portland, Oregon at Aldercrest Sauna. We’ll be building an earthen guest cabin to take Aldercrest from a day spa to a full blown retreat! We are taking our style inspiration for this build from Cycladic design (think Greek fishing village!) and will be using local up-cycled materials and the very earth the site sits upon to build gorgeous monolithic earthen walls.

In this series you will join in - wherever we are at in the building process - and get exposure and hands on experience building with earth. Each 3 hour building session includes a brief talk with Q&A and a one hour sauna session with a complimentary beverage. Turn it into a package by booking a massage or facial with Kim (contact through Aldercrest Sauna). You should come away from this experience with an understanding of the accessibility and basic principles of building with earth!

$75 per 3 hour learning session. Saturdays and Sundays - August 10th & 11th, August 17th & 18th.