Permanent Culture Project puts a modern design lens on ancient building techniques. Using natural and up-cycled materials we are building unique, non toxic, earthen homes along the west coast and exploring the intersection of architecture and agriculture. We aim to demystify permaculture and to highlight it’s solutions while proving you don’t have to sacrifice style to live in accordance with the needs of our earth!

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What is a living building and how can it benefit you?

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Living Buildings

* Give more than they take

* Healthy - No VOCs - toxic paints, glues, fiberglass, vinyls or materials that off gas. In fact, the clay ions absorb bacteria and viruses and “breathe” them back out of the permeable walls.

* Energy efficient and carbon sequestering.

* Self regulate for comfortable temperatures in all weather - hot or cold.

* Easy to maintain.

* Fire Resistance.

* Beautiful, comfortable, peaceful, quiet and grounding. They make us feel safe and part of nature.