Permanent Culture Project puts a modern design lens on ancient building techniques and materials. We are building unique, non toxic earthen homes all along the west coast and will be exploring alternative energy sources and the harmonious integration of architecture and agriculture with nature and urban landscapes at our permanent locations in California and Alaska. We aim to inspire, educate and connect communities through traveling events and immersive experiences.



Introduction to Earthen Building Workshops

Milwaukie Oregon - Hybrid- Cob Guest House - Introduction to Earthen Building Aldercrest and Permanent Culture Project are collaborating to bring you a series of weekend workshops this coming August, 2019. This natural building 3-hour intro series will take place on a peaceful wooded acre outside of Portland, Oregon at Aldercrest Sauna. We’ll be building an earthen guest cabin to take Aldercrest from a day spa to a full blown retreat! We are taking our style inspiration for this build from Cycladic design (think Greek fishing village!) and will be using local up-cycled materials and the very earth the site sits upon to build gorgeous monolithic earthen walls.

In this series you will join in - wherever we are at in the building process - and get exposure and hands on experience building with earth. Each 3 hour building session includes a brief talk with Q&A and a one hour sauna session with a complimentary beverage. Turn it into a package by booking a massage or facial with Kim (contact through Aldercrest Sauna). You should come away from this experience with an understanding of the accessibility and basic principles of building with earth!

$75 per 3 hour learning session. Saturdays and Sundays - August 10th & 11th, August 17th & 18th.





We are currently in the process of relocating a historic cannery and it’s auxiliary buildings to our rustic, waterfront property in Haines, Alaska. We will be repurposing them into an artist retreat, smokehouse and sauna.